Aeifos Traditional Houses


Bathed in the endless light of Santorini, Aeifos is a complex of five renovated, traditional cave homes situated on the edge of Oia, next to the medieval castle. The cave homes date from just before the 1900s and they were literally carved into the rock, as was the tradition in Oia. The original cave homes were built as independent units, with their own courtyard and individual access to the external staircase that led to the main street of Oia.

The houses of the hotel-apartment complex are built on the slopes of Caldera to the traditional architecture of Oia, including a personal aesthetic offering the visitor a unique experience. From the windows and the terraces of the apartments, the courtyard and the other external areas the visitor can enjoy the unique Caldera view.


The concept

My concept was to create a common aesthetic line with not only the interior design of the apartments but also with their unique architecture. By welcoming with impressive images the purpose was to provide the visitor with the same feeling of tranquility and openness of this specific location.
At the same time a minimalistic approach was accomplished by combining the two basic colors of the brand with the white space, inspired by the Cycladic scenery.

Typography & color

The specific hotel apartment complex is located in one of the most privileged locations in the world and this is what the brand needs to convey. The choice of Roboto different weights is made to combine with the calligraphy of the company’s logo giving a friendly and classy tonality at the same time.

The use of the two colors that are to be found in the existing logo, warm yellow and turquoise, creates a connection between the colors of the sea and the sun, the two main colours of the Cycladic environment in a stylish and sophisticated way.

“Oh God, you use so much blue so that we cannot see you.“
Odysseus Elytis

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